Detroit Green Skills Alliance

The Detroit Green Skills Alliance (DGSA) is a designated Michigan Skills Alliance supported in part with funding and technical assistance provided by the State of Michigan. It is an independent industry alliance formed to serve the needs of businesses within the immediate Detroit area. DGSA has the dual purpose of assisting green economy businesses and organizations expand their capacity and create job opportunities and career pathways for Detroit workers.

About the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund

Thirteen national and local, public and private funder's have committed $5.5 million in resources to date, which promotes regional economic growth through the development of a skilled workforce fund. for more information contact:

Goal of the DGSA

To promote alignment of national, regional and local green industry policies with opportunities to support the expansion of Detroit area green businesses and job creation for citizens (workers) in the region.

DGSA is comprised of green economy businesses, workforce development agencies, and industry advocates, committed to the development of a trained and workforce ready talent pipeline that will contribute to the revitalization and economic sustainability of the Detroit region.